Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories: Promotional Travel Adapter and Others

The team of Asia Premium Solutions derives tailor-made gift idea of travel accessories. Ranging from promotional travel adapter to luggage tags, our creatives strive to bring you innovative ideas on branding.

Corporate Gift Solutions - Useful Travel Accessories Like Promotional Travel Adapter

Is one of your employees’ birthday coming up? Planning to surprise him/her with a gift but, getting confused with all the suggestions websites are showing?

Well, travel accessories can be one of the most unique yet useful gifts you can present your employee or colleague. If that person is a travel enthusiast, then these items can benefit him/her largely.

Below are 5 items that you can easily find on the internet and in corporate travel gifts websites like Asia Premium.

Option 1 – Travel Adapter

A must-have for all travellers, a travel adapter is an utter necessity if someone is visiting a foreign land.

There are 15 types of plugs and sockets from Type A to Type O that are used around the world; with the last one used exclusively in Thailand. Hence, a travel adapter should be the number 1 item in your things-to-buy list which can keep their electronics stay charged.

Moreover, with a promotional travel adapter, you can customize the product and put your own branding on it.

Several types of these travel adapters are available on the internet, each with a different feature. For example, one can have plugs that can fit any socket; and the other one can have several USB ports in addition to USB Type-C ones.

Option 2 – Luggage Belt

A luggage belt can aide in protecting one’s suitcases and trolley bags from theft during travel. These have a 3-digit combination lock in addition to a traditional lock with key.

Sturdy and adjustable, luggage belts can fit most standard luggage and travel bags; and are also available in multiple colours that can match any gear.

Option 3 – Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow

A Pump Inflatable Neck Pillow can come for all those who are travelling by air frequently, whether abroad or within the nation. One of the most significant travel accessories, it can help a person travelling on flight for prolonged durations.

These items can have several types of materials in them; however, the ones from travel gift websites like Asia Premium contain Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinylchloride (PVC).

Easily inflatable, these can fit any size of necks and provide paramount comfort while sleeping. Moreover, an additional bag provided with these products can provide ease while carrying them.

Option 4 – Luggage Tags

These might not seem a major gifting item but most individuals like to put their details on their luggage. To cater to those requirements, luggage tags can serve a significant purpose. Like a promotional travel adapter, a luggage tag can also contain branding of the company.

However, the main purposes of these tags are to provide information about the luggage’s owner like name, address, and contact information; in case the luggage gets lost.

Option 5 – Travel Sets

If you want to include all of these products in your gift item, then go for travel sets. These can also come as promotional gifts and include the above mentioned items in addition to eye mask and other necessities.

When searching for corporate gifts online, travel accessories can come as splendid items. Few other accessories also exist but, the above mentioned 5 are of supreme necessity for business travellers. Gift your employees and strengthen the bond with your team!