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Unique Corporate Gift Solution|Souvenir Company in HK

Souvenir company based in Hong Kong provides you with a unique corporate gift and souvenir solution. Asia Premium Solutions offers a wide range of innovative and user-friendly products in connection with your customers.

Guide to Corporate Gift Solution with Souvenir Company

Client relationships, especially successful ones, include quite a number of factors. You need to show your care and gratitude towards your valuable clients as they mean a lot to you at the end of the day. Thank-you cards and presents make up for nice gesture. So, here lies a guide to corporate gift solution which might reinforce your business relations more!

Follow up the corporate souvenir solution! (Yes and No Factors)

Don’t insert ‘promotionalism’!

A presentation should not be about what you are and what you think! That narcissism needs to get out the window straight away. Moreover, gifts or pamphlets advertising the brand from where you got the gift are a strict no-no. This creates a rather humbug impression of you. It should not be about the gifting company but about the gratitude you feel towards your client. A nice little sticker of the company proves more than enough for any corporate gift.

Note card with personalised messages

A nice handwritten card carries an intimate personal tone. It makes your associates or clients feel the warmth of your business relationship thus enhancing a better bond. Many gifting companies like Asia Premium Solutions offer such cards along with their special corporate gift solution. A gift without a card often connotes gimmicked impersonal tone which stiffens the relationship. Try avoiding this route for your thought behind the souvenir matters the most.

Track that your gift has reached your client timely!

Any company presenting a premium gift should keep track on the on-time delivery of the items. Select a souvenir company who delivers within schedule, say, for occasions like Christmas or Diwali. A clear and transparent delivery report assures you that the client has received the gift right on time! Reliable and reputed online websites and companies like Asia Premium Solutions ensure timely delivery of your bequests.

Initiate innovative ideas aligned with your corporate image

Any kind of endowment or souvenir must not stray away from your client preference. The company’s brand image depends highly on such criteria. Setting aside corporate gift solution like a pen; think out-of-the-box. This ignites client’s impression about your corporate image. Create values with creative souvenir designs that compliment any business relationship. Opt for beneficiaries like adapters, power banks, travel accessories, exquisite wines, rare items which portray uniqueness.

Guaranteed Souvenirs

Find out the ideal souvenir shop which assures reliability and guarantee. Look for gifting providers who offer refunds in case of missed deliveries or spoiled products. Well known organizations like Asia Premium Solutions offer such corrective measures in case of mistakes. This saves a lot of embarrassment and provides ultimate customer satisfaction.

“Souvenirs create memories”

A souvenir when gifted renders emotions as it matters to both the presenter and the presented person. Bestow your clients or business fraternity with souvenirs which sync perfectly with their preference and liking. Your choice of corporate souvenir solution, say a leather key chain, a leather wallet, or a personalised greeting card with message shall render a mutual respect beneficial for both parties.

APS aims to deliver gifts and premiums that are big on the ‘wow’ factor. For our team, it means going above and beyond designing and sourcing everyday items; it means flexing our creative muscles and being different and innovative, and delivering something memorable.

The ‘wow’ factor also extends to the sheer breadth of our capabilities. For clients, APS is a truly convenient single point of service and expertise for solutions that go beyond the premium itself.

What can the right premium do for you?

It can both convey the essence of your brand in an instant, and establish customer engagement that can last a lifetime. But the key is not just giving the right item; it also means giving to the right people, at the right time and place.

The experts at APS understand that crucial difference, and that’s why we are more than a leading premium sourcing company; we’re also a one-stop source of bigger solutions that connect people and brands.

Our specialists work closely with clients to understand their target markets, promotional strategies and what defines their brands. If the right premium solution cannot be sourced, we have the capability to create totally new solutions, unique to you. We do it all in-house so we can deliver on target, every time.

We do it because, quite simply, our brand is defined by how well we convey yours.

What We Do

Expertise Advice

Solutions only have value if they are effective. That’s why we develop our solutions from a deep understanding of each client’s brand, audience and strategic goals. It gives us a solid basis for our ideas – and gives clients assurance that our solutions will fully meet expectations.

Quality Control - AQL Standard

At APS, every step in the process depends on the client’s satisfaction. After an order is placed, we submit a product sketch (including dimensions, imprinted colour code and imprint size) for client confirmation. Then we provide an accurate pre-production sample (PPS) for reference. Only after the PPS is client-approved does real production begin. Our own quality control team carefully monitors the entire run to ensure the integrity of the final result.

Tailored For You

Because every client is different, each of our solutions is unique, not off-the-rack or stamped out with a cookie-cutter. It means our solutions meet all your premium/promotional needs – whether it is a sourced premium, a totally unique new item, or a premium that’s part of a larger solution incorporating anything from printing to logistics.